Hello. I’m Greg Hastings,
I build brands better. 30 years of leading award-winning marketing and I know what works. And, more importantly I know what doesn’t work. For Brand Managers of rustic, refined lifestyle brands I have an efficient and effective process that delivers a tailored solution – a distinctive brand, backed with purpose, rationalization, messaging with meaning and tasteful, cohesive design.

We’ll build a platform that paves a path to potential and connects with your audience. We’ll create a vision backed by purpose, not opinions, and sets you up to guide your brand. You’ll be teed up to be the authority, a leader. Identifying and executing appropriate tactics will become easier, purpose-driven and more efficient to produce. Relevance will drive a more focused customer journey backed by more meaninful tactics. Clarity will provide more freedom to be proactive, create and elevate all levels of communication. You can build and create results, reinforce beliefs and potential, establish momentum and move your business forward. Doesn’t that sound better?
A Good Fit
The right talent paired with the right situation has great potential for great outcomes. Let’s start there and see if we’re a good fit for one another. 
A quick 15 minute call can get us started in the right direction.
Great! We’re a fit. Now let’s map out a win for your brand. We’ll schedule a 2 hour deep-dive interview where I’ll get to know everything about your business – where you are, where you’ve been and where you want to go. I’ll map out your brand’s opportunity and how to own it. From here you’re free to venture forward on your own, or I can guide you forward. Cost of the BRANDMAP ($650) is applied to the full project if you move forward. See packages below.
Packaged Potential
— Easy • Efficient • Effective —

Based on your BRANDMAP, we’ll schedule dedicated time to completely focus on executing one of the following packages to deliver a well-designed solution tailored to your brand. Pricing starts at $2,500.
— Clarify Package —
This is for the business looking for a well-defined foundation – positioning and promise – to hand off to it’s own design resources or in-house team poised to design a more refined look and feel of your brand.
— Small Clarify & Visualize Package —
While incorporating the Clarify Package, this package will further tee up your brand with cohesive voice and visuals at work, guiding ongoing tactics and messaging.
— Large Clarify & Visualize Package —
If you want to hit the road fully packed for success, I’ll incorporate the Clarify Package as well as a tailored package of brand tools to really get your new brand moving forward.
Companies I’ve Worked With
Ask and I’d say trust and respect are what I’ve really won, however, my dedication to previous clients has also lead to my work appearing in Adweek, CA Online, Print, How’s International Design Annual and local, regional and national awards. 
“When you first see the outcome of Greg’s take on things, it’s a little like opening an incredible present you didn’t know you wanted. That’s the moment you suddenly realize what your message – and your brand – were missing.”
 – Previous Client
Work That Works
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